Bible Institute


Vernet Delva : 305-757-7515


Emmanuel Bible Institute is an initiative of  the Education Branch of our Missions Department, in collaboration with the Teaching Ministry. EBI aims to provide contextualized and adequate theological and ministerial education to pastors, deacons, and church leaders. In Haiti, we primarily focus on providing education in the underprivileged regions.

While training the leaders, EBI will link the participants to the “Emmanuel Mentorship Program,” a Church Restructuration and Revitalization Program designed to provide church leaders in declining churches.

Diplomas offered

  • Pastoral Ministry
  • Christian Leadership
  • Preaching
  • Christian Education
  • Transformational Teaching
  • Children Ministry
  • Peer Counseling

Why EBI is your best choice

=> Bible-based training
=> Accredited Seminary
=> Pathway to a master degree
=> Intensive Courses
=> Affordable Price

Two Campuses

USA: 7321 NE 3rd Avenue, Miami FL 33138
Haiti: Mapou Chevalier