Our mission

Emmanuel Baptist Church exists for the transformation of mature disciples of Christ, to equip them for their mission in the world and engagement in services that magnify the name of God.

Our Vision

Emmanuel Baptist Church expects its members to reach spiritual maturity to such an extent that they keep persevere in their faith. This spiritual maturity will be expressed and evaluated in holy and real adoration, the sense of love and fraternal communion, the commitment to spreading the Gospel of grace and salvation, knowledge and practice of the word of God, the sense of service and help towards others.

We expect to be a community of believers with the same feelings towards one another according to Jesus Christ, serving the Church, the community, the whole world according to the gifts that have been distributed to them.

We expect the glorification of the name of God through the lives and works of its members.

What we do

In order to accomplish its mission, Emmanuel Baptist Church will do the following:

We create a community of believers who profess their faith in WORSHIP. This worship manifests itself both to God in saving faith and in manifest faith towards others. This faith is expressed in holy worship services worthy of the greatness of God, in fellowship with God in prayer, reading of the Word, as well as the daily behaviors of our believers; everywhere and in everything.

We create an environment that facilitates FRATERNAL COMMUNION among our believers, while reflecting pure and sincere love, respect, mutual support, appreciation and appreciation.

We create an evangelical and missionary Church: an organ for WITNESSING and propagating the Gospel of Christ through evangelism and mission. We bear witness to the Good News in our local community (Miami), the state of Florida, the nation in general, and the world. We want to manifest this testimony as a sign of God's love for all of humanity - believers or non-believers.

We create a favorable environment for TEACHING and learning the Word of God. This teaching will be effective and efficient through preaching, Bible Study, Sunday School etc.

We are a SERVICE center for the community where we serve, supporting them on the social, emotional, family, sentimental, physical and economic levels.