The Gospel to the end of the world.

what to expect

Here at Emmanuel, we are passionate about ministering to others in the name of Jesus Christ.  We understand the command that the Lord Jesus gave all Believers in Matthew 28:19 where He says, “Therefore, go and make disciples of all nations…”  It is our mission not only to obey this command, but to effectively communicate the gospel to everyone.  This includes souls that have walked into our church doors for the first time, to the surrounding community of Little Haiti, and even to our motherland, Haiti.  We desire to see people come experience the unconditional love of our God. 


Further, we believe in the equipping of God’s people to effectively evangelize.  We aim to have Christians that are trained, skilled, and confident in sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ to anyone and everyone.  That command Jesus gives us in Matthew 28:19, requires action on our part.  Therefore, we believe in providing opportunities to evangelize to our communities.  We do so, with weekly community-service initiatives, local missions, and international missions. 


Fighting the fight, running the race, keeping the faith (2 Timothy 4:7)