Rev. Jean Joël Vilpin

Born on September 18,1967, Pastor Joel Vilpin was raised in Petion-Ville, Haiti. A man with a desire to be a faithful servant of Lord. He has been married to Andiela Vilpin for more than 25 years. They have three beautiful Children: Joel Jr., Veronique and Andreana. He also has an adoptive son named Johnny. He is involved with the local missionary group, with the youth as counselor, president of our social affairs, Sunday school assistant monitor just to state a few. He has a bachelor’s in criminal justice in addition to two master’s degree in both Divinity and Theology from the school of New Orleans Theological seminary and Jacksonville Theological Seminary.  Along with being a part of the Prison Ministry, Rev. Vilpin was also a correctional officer for more than 20 years and is currently in training to be a Chaplain for the Prison system as well.